Sixty Minutes of Clarity

Psychologist / Relationships & Communication Life Coach

Clarity and insight are instrumental if you want to improve your personal and professional life. It is difficult for an individual to step back and see his or her life for what it really is in actuality. Everyone has a goal, whether that is to improve relationships, obtain the next promotion, or just to bring some stability and joy to an otherwise hectic or problematic life circumstance.

At some point, everyone experiences the feeling of being stuck or trapped without solutions. Perhaps your progress at work has stalled, or your personal life has stagnated, or your relationships lack connection, or you are frequently up against conflict. Whatever the case may be, these negative emotions continue to sap your energy and thus, limit your possibilities for a more effective course of action and outcome.

As a Psychologist / Relationships & Communication Life Coach, I will work with you to identify your needs and goals and figure out what is stopping you from achieving them. We will work together so you can change emotional patterns (including negative habits and addictive behaviors) that block or limit positive behaviors and emotional growth within your personal and career contexts.

If your personal, professional or academic life has hit a wall, I will help you break through that wall, so that you can reach the growth and potential you deserve. I invite you to take my Sixty Minutes of Clarity challenge.

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Penny Michelle Abrams PhD.

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